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SEO Blog Structuring TipsSEO Toko Online – Structuring your blog post correctly is a good idea, and it is very apparent that Google likes to see this happening with your H1, H2 and H3 tags. It is often recommended that you include your keyword in bold, include it in your H1, H2 and H3 tags, and always in your blog title. What most people forget, is that you need inbound links on your page, together with a outbound links that are present on the same page as the rest of your SEO Pakar SEO. By structuring a page in this way, Google sees the site as an authority, that is not adverse to allowing some traffic to exit on external links. This builds your trustrank with Google, and coupled with the other vital SEO steps, you can see your page ranking pretty quickly.

One of the main recommendations for a webpage, is that you keep your keyword density at around 3% to 4%. This enables the search engines to see that you are relevant to the search terms people are entering into their search bars, and that you know what you are talking about. Having a high keyword Master SEO density will often

work against you. The days are gone now when a person could keyword stuff a page, in the same font colour as the background, and get away with a page one ranking for absoloute rubbish content.

The on page SEO you develop for your pages will be crucial to your overall site’s success in the searches. You will begin ranking for long tail search terms first, and then the keywords and keyphrases will get shorter and shorter, as Google lends more weight to your ranking profile. After around three weeks, you will see the result of any on page SEO, Jasa SEO  as long as you have been building constant, steady off-page links to your site.

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